Our business philosophy

Satisfaction of our partners, leading to continuity of business relations and coupled with increasing shareholders’ value, is a cornerstone of our mentality. To achieve this, we maintain proper risk-reward balance when conducting trade and managing our operations.

Company’s set of golden rules is a risk policy, directing acceptance criteria for business counterparties, scope and scale of exposure, to allow maintaining acceptable level of overall risk profile.

Strict compliance to internal risk framework, multilevel approval process and structuring trades exclusively on “back-to-back” principle, minimize embedded credit and market risks, leading to healthy and sustainable grows.

Markets and Services

Sivex Agro trades variety of commodities, mostly concentrating on trade supplies out of CIS, but also Middle East and Americas. The sales destinations are diversified and influenced by net importing capacity of a particular region for a given commodity.

Agricultural goods are mostly shipped to Turkey, Italy and Middle East, metals are sold to EU and mineral fertilizers to Latin America. Refined oil products are traded to our buyers in Baltic and Black Sea ports.

The commodities traded include crude oil and various crude oil derivatives, such as fuel oil, naphtha, gasoil; mineral fertilizers; base metals and steel products; agricultural produce – wheat, barley and corn.